With a complete assessment of your investments and a well-defined asset allocation, Stifel can recommend your personalized investment strategy.

Stifel utilizes a four-step financial planning process:

  1. Assessment of your current financial resources and investment objectives.
  2. Defining a diversified asset allocation designed to meet your stated objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and income tax situation.
  3. Developing an investment strategy specific to your situation and circumstances to implement your asset allocation.
  4. Monitoring and reviewing your investments to ensure they continue to meet your objectives.

Stifel will help you chose from a wide range of investments and build a portfolio tailored to your needs. With thousands of investment managers available across a wide variety of security types, Stifel will help you sort through appropriate options to execute your custom financial plan.

Your customized investment strategy will account for:

  • Your personal capacity for risk;
  • The tax status of accounts in your portfolio;
  • Your need for short- and long-term access to invested assets;
  • The correlation between existing investments outside of your current investable assets;
  • Your desire for interest income, dividend income, and cash flows.

Contact Bob today to learn more about financial planning services offered by Stifel. Once your investment strategy is implemented, you’re ready to move onto the final step of Stifel’s financial planning process, monitoring your progress.

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