Because your goals are unique, your investment program should be just as personal. Stifel offers financial planning services to help you formulate and document an investment strategy that’s appropriate for your needs and circumstances.

Trying to predict what the market will do next is an impossible task and may be detrimental to the overall performance of your portfolio. Utilizing proper asset allocation can potentially help you maximize investment returns at a reasonable level of risk.

Stifel utilizes a four-step financial planning process:

  1. Assessment of your current financial resources and investment objectives.
  2. Defining a diversified asset allocation designed to meet your stated objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance, and income tax situation.
  3. Developing an investment strategy specific to your situation and circumstances to implement your asset allocation.
  4. Monitoring and reviewing your investments to ensure they continue to meet your objectives.

Contact Bob today to set up an appointment for a portfolio review and begin developing your financial plan through Stifel. Would you like to learn more about the financial planning process?

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