With all of the options available, what investment types are right for you? Your retirement plan depends upon prudent, effective investment management selections. With thousands of managers available across a wide variety of security types, are you confident your current investment management selections are those best suited for your financial goals?

Once you have developed or reviewed your investment plan with Bob, you will need to decide which investment managers and types are best suited to your retirement goals.  Bob will give you investment options tailored to your specific needs.

Investment management selections should conform to:

  • Your personal capacity for risk;
  • The tax status of accounts in your portfolio;
  • Your need for short- and long-term access to invested assets;
  • The correlation between existing investments outside of your current investable assets;
  • Your desire for interest income, dividend income, and cash flows.

Prudent investment management choices are an important factor to your retirement plan. Contact Bob today to review investment management options appropriate for your personal situation.