Portfolio Reviews by Bob Stockdale, CFP®

Solid investment plans should anticipate disaster before it happens.  How can you be sure your current plan will protect your financial security in retirement?  Seeking an informed second opinion from a professional with the knowledge and tools necessary to plan for the unexpected may be your best option.

For twenty years, Bob Stockdale has designed and reviewed investment plans for clients of all types and sizes. Whether you have never created a formal retirement plan, or you want to make sure your current plan will stand the test of time, a portfolio review with Bob will leave you with fewer worries, more answers, and specific steps to help strengthen your investment plan.

During your portfolio review, Bob will work with you to:

  • Align your current asset allocation with your goals;
  • Review your current investment selections
  • Analyze your portfolio’s ability to withstand future financial risks;
  • Determine your portfolio’s ability to provide your necessary income in retirement;
  • Recommend necessary changes and updates to your investments.

Does your investment plan need a professional second opinion?  Contact Bob to make an appointment for your portfolio review today.